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In poker, aggressiveness is everything

When poker aggressiveness is all
Home »Poker Strategy Written by Peter Merten October 27 2009Kein comment Poker is an aggressive dynamic game
it is always changing. What is true today is sometimes outdated theory tomorrow. Moves
hat earned a solid two years ago with a profit also work less well or not at all anymore. Once a theory has become known, it can be turned into the opposite and used against the executing player. Each poker player knows the theory of the continuation bet. You can always take a small pot with youwhich is piled up under a dangerous-looking flop. However, it is not that a bet after the flop must represent real strength. So it’s called. Depending on
which card is uncovered on the turn you are not one step further with the information gain. Something will have the other.

one thinks otherwise he would not have called. And when you have missed the turn next to the flop
is check a good Option.Doch you have barely checked you get yourself a bet of about 2/3 Potsize back. What does that mean now? Is there really strength behind it? Or will you play yourself? Did the opponent interpret the check on the turn as weakness? And then you sit there and ask yourself why the good old concept of continuation bet no longer works. In this case, it might have been better to check the flop and set a continuation bet on the turn. Many players also often want to see at least a fourth board card  before being beaten, and they also put up with bad pot odds. if you calculate them at all). It’s similar to stealing blinds. This starts in the tournament or SNG from the third blind stage. Way too early
to really get a fair amount of chips compared to the risk. Once conceived and devised as an important move to control opponents and stacks of chips It is used today as a dart in search of the golden center of the dartboard.The game has become more aggressive. Sometimes one gets the impression that everyone thinks that pushing constantly leads to the goal. There are relentlessly pushed from the first to the last round of betting chips in the middle. The pressure is great and not always a maniac behind it. Those who like to play cash games should choose their tables these days. Everywhere you will find players  who are willing to play through a once started hand until the end, putting  pressure on themselves again and again with nothing but Kd8s on hand and hope that shows something profitable. Who shows weakness flies out.

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